Monday, June 15, 2009

BBQ Smoker Experiment

We converted a dead gas grill to a hardwood/charcoal smoker this weekend.

4 lbs ribs, 1 lb chicken and 1/2 lb steak tips later I think we got it.

The smoky flavor was what we drool over when you can get it. Many more times are needed to perfect the technique.


On a roll!

Another martini from the weekend was:

1 measure lime vodka
1 measure vermouth (and/or triple sec for more orange)
1 measure OJ

shake over ice and serve in a martini glass



Apple Martini Recipe

The new crowd pleaser, the Apple Martini is not original, nor homemade, but is hot nonetheless.

1 measure vodka (green apple flavored if available)
1 1/2 measure sour apple pucker liqueur
1/2 measure sour mix

shake over ice and serve in deep martini glass



Black Currant Dessert Wine

So there will be 3 distinct versions of the Black Currant wine.

2 btls 1/2 Black Currant & 1/2 Cab Blend
15 btls 100% Black Currant
4-5 btls 100% Black Currant Oaked Reserve

The richness of the flavor prompted us to try some port-style variations. Either way they will need certain bottle aging and will ultimately be fantastic with a cheese plate!