Friday, August 3, 2012

Mini-Review – Casa Marin Sauvignon Gris

I don’t write a lot of review-only posts these days. I've never said I wouldn't ever post one, this is all because I don't think the format is all that useful; I just figured that if something truly interesting came along I would feel like writing about it.

When I saw the grape Sauvignon Gris on the label I had to look again. After the second glance I knew I had never heard of or had tasted wine made from this grape before. Quick research indicated it is a clonal mutation of Sauvignon Blanc, is minimally planted worldwide but is seeing a resurgence of interest in Chile, New Zealand and the Graves region in France. Interesting enough to give it a shot!

The specific bottling I added to my cellar was the 2010 Casa Marin Estero.

This wine balances flowers, nuts, citrus and some green components in the nose. Because 70% of this wine was aged in oak, touches of brown spices and vanilla wrap melon and in the mouth. The wine is luscious and mouth filling. Contrasting other typically oaked whites, Chardonnay I’m talking about you, the acidity holds through the finish where it is mixed with nuttiness and hints of bitter orange. Clean and crisp, this wine really demands to be enjoyed!

The first pairing I threw at this wine was a last-minute-scramble of a pizza whose sauce was made from avocado, garlic and balsamic vinegar. I added garden fresh tomatoes and basil, topping it off with two year old Grafton cheddar cheese. The match didn’t transport me anywhere, but the mélange of flavors was handled well by the wine and the acidity helped clean up the creamy avocado.

So I learned something new this week and enjoyed the experience. That is worth writing about.



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Isabel said...

Glad you liked the wine! It's a best seller of ours. In fact, we have none left this year

Saludos!30 rtickxa