Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drink Three for Valentine's Day

I'm calling my new creation Cupid's Arrow. Why? Cause it sounds good for Valentine's Day. I'm actually drinking this the day before, so it doesn't really count anyway. Who knows what I'll be sipping with the dinner I am making for my wife for Valentine's Day tomorrow night!

Last week I sliced some strawberries and soaked them Cognac and sugar. Functioning primarily as a garnish I didn't really need to do this, but planning ahead added some nuance to the final outcome. For the drink I placed 1 marinated strawberry in a regular wine glass, then measured 3 ounces of strawberry mead, 1 ounce of the strawberry/sugar infused Cognac, a splash of lemon juice and poured them into  the glass. I filled the glass with a sweet sparkling wine and named it Cupid's Arrow.

Cupid's Arrow
3 parts strawberry mead
1 part strawberry infused Cognac
splash of lemon juice
sweet sparkling wine

At first I thought of making something like Rosa Regale, one of Margot's favorite sparklers, but I didn't want to bump up the drink with lots of sugar to match the sweetness. What I ended up with was more like carbonated strawberry lemonade, and so delicious! The strawberry is subtle, the Cognac gives it a little richness and the bubbles make it fun!



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