Friday, February 8, 2013

My Half Full Glass - February 7th, 2013

Balcones Blue Corn Whisky

I was curious about Baby Blue, a blue corn whisky from Balcones in Waco, TX, after I heard that I might be able to get their used barrels for my home fermentation projects. After tasting the finished product I can say with absolute surety that I would be one happy zymurgist working with some of the barrels used to make it!

It pours an amber color. There is a smoky element to the nose. The corn is roasted before use, which is a good bet for the source of the smoke in the aromas. I also nosed figs, maple and brown spices. This whisky is sweet and meaty and the smoke aromas/flavors push it into more of a Scotch profile.

At only 46% alcohol this whisky is smooth but does have a punch of alcohol in the finish. I would easily drink this neat or with a single rock whenever I found it available. It would also work well in any whisky cocktails that are slightly sweet.



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