Monday, March 6, 2017

Gather Around the Ancient Fire

Gather around the Ancient Fire everyone, we're going to tell you a story. More like we're going to share more of the unfolding story of Ancient Fire Mead & Cider.

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Startup activities are still moving along at a slow and measured pace. We feel like we want to do it right, rather than do it fast. Our fellow entrepreneurs continue to confirm this way of thinking.

We are still scouting for a location, and we continue looking in Derry, Londonderry, Manchester and Hooksett.

We recently held our first consumer tasting. The feedback on both the meads and ciders as well as the process was very insightful and helpful. Thank you Lyn, Dave, Kelly, Angel, Eric and Sam for your help. Having friends and fans assist us in determining what our starting lineup might be is very exciting, and we have several more tastings planned as we head into Spring.

We have also been busy piloting lots of different recipes. We have eleven new session mead recipes that will be kegged and ready to drink soon. We can't wait to share them all!

We also have a busy event schedule this Spring. Jason will be heading to the Mazer Cup on Wednesday March 8th to help judge, compete in the home competition and network with industry peers and enthusiasts. He will also be attending our second in-person meeting as members of the American Mead Makers Association (AMMA), the trade association focused on the mead industry.

Mead Free or Die is also fast approaching. On Sunday April 30th the judging for Mead Free or Die will be held at Moonlight Meadery in Londonderry, NH. The competition organizers are actively seeking entries and volunteers (both judges and stewards). You can get more information and register online.

We've also entered the National Homebrewers Competition again this year. This is actually only our second go at this competition and having had a mead advance to the final round back in 2013 we are hoping good things for our entries which include a beer, a cider and several meads.

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Margot & Jason

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