Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day Follow-Up

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Family was fun, the food was great and the wide selection of wines offered many choices!

Early in the day the Ancient Fire Chilean Chardonnay and New Harbour 2007 Sauvignon Blanc provided casual sipping with cheese, crackers and snacks.

A selection of 2006 Cabs from Don David, Sterling Vineyards and Smoking Loon matched some bold wines with sweet potatoes, baked stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes and of course two kinds of turkey!

The Smoking Loon Cab is the closest variety to the Ancient Fire Cab (forthcoming) I have had. I had to go back for several additional tastings to savor the similarities and what lies ahead from our own cellar.

The Candia Diamond went on the table at the end of dinner and promoted much comment. As was expected nobody other than Margot and I had had it or recalled having wines that were similar. We must work on this. It went fast so there may not be so much work to do...


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