Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lets do Spain for Lunch!

The recipe for "Basque-Style Grilled Cheese with Etorki, Piquillo Peppers, and Chorizo" from the Foodbuzz Daily Top 9 caught my attention this morning. Check it out here.

I have to admit that the most familiarity I have with the Basque people is from their riders in the Tour de France each year. I am not familiar with Basque wines as a subset of Spanish wine so I won't try to recomend a regional wine with this dish. I am recomending a pairing of Tempranillo or Rioja Crianza (Tempranillo is likely the majority grape in Rioja blends) that is on the young side. The youth of the wine should ensure the fruit flavors are present which should meld well with the spice in the Chorizo and creaminess of the cheese. Varietal bottlings of Tempranillo are often low on acid which will help the peppers and chorizo be represented well.




Anonymous said...

Jason, thank you so much for the shout out and a lovely wine pairing suggestions! Excellent!

Sandy said...

Jason, this looks like a good recipe and I like you're idea for the pairing. I'd also recommend a good Grenache as this is a grape that's grown in both Spain and France. Some can be dark but many are quite light too. One of my favorites at the low price end is called Evodia, it's also a great red for summer!