Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Comes Alive on the Greenway

This will be my second summer working adjacent to the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. Summer hasn’t officially started yet this year and the difference from last year is already noticeable. There are more food cart/trucks, more seating and the grounds crew has been hard at work planting new decorative plants and expanding the grassy areas.

The Dewey Square farm market is back for Tuesdays and Thursdays, drawing crowds and offering fruit, vegetables, snacks and lunch-worthy items all day. I have enjoyed offerings from all of the vendors at the market and each of the food carts and trucks, except for the cupcake cart. Cupcakes aren’t really my thing but I should buy a couple to bring home to share. There is too much to share, but a few highlights should whet any appetite. Everything from Clover is fresh and tasty, especially the Rosemary Fries. The Jerk Chicken kabobs from Silk Road BBQ are spicy and reminded me of authentic the Jamaican Jerk Chicken I have enjoyed while on the island. Q’s Roasted Nuts has an insane selection of roasted and flavored nuts.

I’ll let the photos and short video tell the rest of the story about what you might find on the Greenway this summer. I walk the Greenway everyday and love the activity and options for snacks to get me through the day.

( Sculpture and artwork are found all along the Greenway, including functional ones like this piece.)

( A truck dedicated to grilled cheese! Powered by Food Truck Nation. )

( You will find flowers everywhere! )

( Lefty's has some original menu items including specials that are worth checking out. )

( Not a day goes by where I don't seem one or more of the crew working to pretty up the Greenway. )

( This location and a tall iced coffee makes for a nice break! )

( A short video from the Dewey Square Farm Market. )

( Cupcakes anyone? )

( Clover was the first food truck on the Greenway and still the most popular! )

( Kids love this fountain! )

( A line at this place is a constant, and with good cause. )

Hopefully you will have a chance to check out the Greenway on a nice summer day. There is plenty of shade for the really hot days to come.



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Mike@ The Culinary Lens said...

I only passed through Boston walking from the train to get the ferry out to the cape. I have wanted a return trip maybe soon.. Love the mini tour