Friday, December 3, 2010

Chocolate Raspberry Port Wine

At the awards dinner during the WineMaker Magazine conference in Stevenson, WA earlier this year the WinExpert Chocolate Raspberry Port wine garnered a lot of attention. Numerous medals, made by the winemakers of the year winner and by several members of the club of the year as well. Firsthand experience with this wine was a must!

The kit ended up being a pre-order special edition this year. Too much of a good thing, perhaps? Constrict the supply to lock in the buyers at a high price, maybe? We bought.

We started the batch in September and it fermented quickly producing an earthy light red wine base. There was oak in the initial fermentation and it was obvious in the stable wine. The chocolate and raspberry flavors come from the affectionately named F-Pack added in the final stage.

The completed wine was sweet and flavorful with a full nose that gets to you before you can get the glass to your face. We didn't specifically think it needed something more, but Margot had a brilliant idea. It's port style wine so why not fortify it with a little Chambord? Why not, hell of an idea! After a bit of settling we racked into a clean carboy and added the Chambord. Stopped it up and tucked it away again.

We let the wine rest until last night. The aroma is still huge and the flavors are rich and extended. Sweet chocolate, raspberries, some acid with a gooey Tootsie Roll texture. And it is warming to be sure. The closest thing we have made to date would be our Black Currant after dinner wine and/or the Cabernet blended with it. Totally different flavors, but similar core wine flavors.

This is going to debut next week at our annual holiday open house and I am sure there will loyalists by the end of the day!

This is also the cornerstone for our 2011 wine awards. We hope it is worthy.



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