Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jump in on a Riot in Boston

The Second Glass Boston Wine Riot, that is!

In 2010 I shared my experiences from the Boston Wine Riot in two posts (post 1, post 2) here at the Ancient Fire Wine Blog. The event was a generous blend of local wines, wines of the world, some of Boston’s edgy and new food purveyors, educational sessions, wine-loving people, music and online networking; making for a fun afternoon of mixing, mingling and tasting.

The Wine Riot has been in Boston again since 2010 and I’ll be making it to this year’s installment. I’ve found that having a festival game plan is the best way to get the most out of a general admission event with so many tastes available. What is my game plan for this event?
  • New local wineries and newer vintages of those local producers with which I am already familiar. This is smart business. Eating & drinking near where you work and live is a constant source of adventures you can take on short notice.
  • Unfamiliar wine regions. This is a frequent festival approach for me. Exposure to new wine regions means exposure to history, culture, people and food that I am also not likely already familiar with. You can learn a lot about a place through its food and drink. Eventually I am going to run out of these, but I'm not there yet!
  • New producers from regions known to me. Broadening my knowledge of wine-making regions to which I am already somewhat familiar helps continuously fill in the blanks dynamics of the place and what the region does best. Keeping an eye on new producers also means seeing new styles and spins on the local scene of the producer.

For folks not familiar with Second Glass and the Wine Riot events held in several cities nationwide, here are the pertinents:
  • Second Glass brings wineries and wine drinkers together through social media and in-person events across the nation by helping people uncover their new favorite wines, remember what they drink and share all of that fabulous info with their friends.
  • Guests can look forward to tasting over 250 wines from across the globe while tagging, rating and remembering them for later purchase using the free mobile app at
  • This year’s Boston Wine Riot is April 20th & 21st at the Boston Park Plaza Castle on Arlington Street. There are three riots Friday 7p to 11p and two on Saturday from 1p to 5p and 7p to 11p. Ticket information and additional details can be accessed at
If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Crash the Boston Wine Riot with friends and find something new and tasty to drink for the great Spring weather coming!



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Ted Burnes TD Wines said...

I just found out about this event in Boston today, sucks its on the same day. Hope you had fun at WineRiot!