Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project Food Blog

Project Food Blog is upon us. I see this competition as the ultimate challenge to get us over some food blogging fears (video), improve our technique (photos) and learn how to step it up from the successes of others.

The Ancient Fire Wines profile is active and public and definitely needs some improvement. Do you have any suggestions? Are there any questions you have about who we are that might make nice additions to our profile?

The competition is going to be tough and the challenges themselves will certainly require thought and creativity to accomplish. Is there a dish, technique or pairing that you haven't seen anyone do that we might want to consider making part of one of the challenges?

How are my fellow competitors feeling? What challenges are you concerned about being able to complete? Are there any friendly tips or hints you might offer?

Best of luck to everyone involved. This is definitely going to be fun now matter how far we get.

To vote for us you MUST be registered on FoodBuzz, so if you aren't and want to participate the time is now.




May Ling Wu said...

Good luck!! I am curious to see how so many different food bloggers will respond to the same questions in there own unique voices.

Winelady Cooks said...

Good Luck Jason. It will be an interesting contest with so many talented bloggers.


Unknown said...

All the best for the competition! :) I know that I'm not the world's greatest food pornographer, so that is a challenge that I'm concerned about the most. My writing tends to be my comfort zone, so I'm looking forward to getting out of the 'bread box'...so to speak. :)

Tastemonials said...

I've got my profile up, but I'm already stuck on the first challenge. I'll be in Peru for the whole month of November, so I don't have to worry about winning!

Pam @ Sticks Forks Fingers said...

Jason, you can bet I'm watching with keen interest. With all the other changes in my life right now I didn't feel I could take it on, but I'm right there with you, knowing that I'm missing the opportunity to grow and learn with the challenges.

Cheers, my friend. To your ultimate success, however you define it. {clink}

Pam @ Sticks Forks Fingers said...

Oh, I also wanted to let you know that I get highly frustrated on a regular basis when I try to check your blog from work (allowed). Your site is blocked as being alcohol-related (not allowed)!!! That's why my comments tend to be delayed until well into the post day!!

Pam @ Sticks Forks Fingers said...

Oh, one more random thought... do you know if the challenges will be published, so those of us non-partipants can play the home version???

City Share said...

I am participating in the challenge too. I am a newbie to blogging, so I'm just hoping to make it past the first round. :) Good luck!

Kristen said...

I think that all of us who are participating are feeling the same as you...IF we even make it through the first round, there are challenges that will force us to grow as bloggers and as cooks.

Lori Lynn said...

Bonne chance Jason!

Jason Phelps said...

Thanks for the wishes of good luck. I return the wishes to all my fellow challengers.

@SticksForksFingers - thank you and I do believe the challenges are public in the PFB stadium area. That may only be for competitors. I can send you the info if not. Isn't technology great? My site is blocked because I love wine. Oh well, can mess with big brother.


Magic of Spice said...

Good luck to you :) I am terrified of the video challenge...I mean yikes! Plus we are not writers, so not so good there :( You will do well, and I already have seen some magic in the photo area going on :)