Monday, September 27, 2010

The World Championship Chili Cookoff

The 2010 World Championship Chili Cookoff will be held in Manchester, NH on October 1st through the 3rd. This is the finality of the 44th year the cookoff has been held and a big league event for the city to be hosting. By the end of the weekend the world-wide chili cooking community will have crowned their 2010 champions from beautiful Veteran's Park in the heart of downtown Manchester.

Foodbuzz helped arrange press passes for Margot and I to cover the event. It goes without saying that we are very excited to capture the spirit of this event and share it with all of you. We haven't decided yet what our posting schedule and topics will be, rather we plan to see what the vibe turns out to be and go from there. We expect to interview the staff from the Mayor's office who are organizing the effort for the city, the International Chili Society president, past and present competitors and winners, volunteers and attendees. And of course we'll do some sampling ourselves and take some notes on how to make great chili at home.

For more information about the event you can check out the links below that include logistics and ticket information if you want to attend.

International Chili Society

City of Manchester Chili Cookoff Page

Chili Cookoff Facebook Page

See you at the cookoff!


 { the photo above was borrowed from the event page. we are promoting the event through our blog and hope our use of it is in that spirit. }


Gayle Martin said...

Very cool.

I have volunteered to be a judge at the chili cookoffs we have in Tombstone, Arizona, each year. It's difficult and fun at the same time as the chili is always so good that it's really hard to pick whose is better. If you've never gone to a chili cookoff you should go. It's good eating and good, family-friendly entertainment.

Magic of Spice said...

How cool...have fun you guys :)