Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Close Look at Wines From Puglia – Red White Tasting Crew

When the Red White Tasting Crew gets together you should expect to learn something new. Many things, typically.

Getting together at WGBH for a tasting of new wines from the Puglia region of Italy provided that opportunity so well I thought I should share it. And I shall attempt to do it most simply.

Muscat & Sauvignon Blanc make a pretty wild combo in a wine. I’ll be frank and say that the disconnection between the aromas (from past Muscat experiences) with the flavors was a shock, but the wine is made welll; if not intentionally made this way who knows what it would be like.

Brian, David & I share great tastes in wine. The love for Nero di Troia was called by our tribe half way through the earlier public event. Anytime you can connect with people like that you should be so lucky.

Wine and the passion surrounding it can cross dividing lines and break down barriers. We all listened, learned and contributed to a lively conversation about a place new to us, and wines that allowed us to understand a small part of it.

Tasting new wines (both producer and style) seems like a subtle act, but has profound implications on one’s experience. My evidence? The warmly passed Passita aligned the whole group in such a wonderful way.



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