Monday, May 23, 2011


Some of you may already know that I am a cancer survivor and participate in a Relay For Life each year in June. My team is gearing up to walk a track all night again this year and need your support to raise critical funds to keep the programs and services of the American Cancer Society available for the over 1.4 million new cancer survivors each year.

I am also participating in Frosting For A Cause (@Frosting4Cause) to help further raise awareness about the fight against cancer. June 5th is National Cancer Survivor Day and I will be posting my Frosting For A Cause entry that day in honor.

 I’m not sure what I am going to make yet so you will have to check back then to find out what pink frosted treats I make to celebrate cancer survivors everywhere and remember those brave souls we have lost to this terrible disease.

I do know how I am going to fulfill my obligations in participating in the event though, and that’s where you can help. One of the requirements is to donate my creation to a local organization that cares for cancer survivors and patients. I am going to put a twist on this and donate them to be served at the survivor celebration lunch at the Relay For Life my parents are participating in on June 4th.

My second commitment is donate money to the American Cancer Society, which is something I already do and am doing again this year. I can multiply that donation and its impact with your help.

My team is named Survivors Rule! and we are a potent example of what family and friends can do when we band together to fight.

Since 2003 we have
  • Raised over $72,000 for The American Cancer Society and the Lance Armstrong Foundation!
  • Walked hundreds and hundreds of miles proudly showing we are strong and can beat cancer
  • Volunteered to help organize, setup, cleanup and host event activities for 750+ people nearly every year
  • Placed as the top fund-raising team at our event 4 of the last 5 years, raising over $10,000 each of those years
  • Involved dozens of cancer survivors in a celebration of their brave fight
  • Educated hundreds of people of how and how much cancer affects all of us
  • Had team members been recognized as individual fund-raising leaders, distance challengers and spirit makers
  • Represented our cause to local politicians and business leaders who can see how their support helps from our first hand accounts of living with cancer and giving back
  • Also participated in the annual Making Strides Against Cancer one-day events in 3 different locations
  • Fought cancer like we meant it!
But we still need your help. Any sized donation is welcome and will do so much to contribute to the fight. Your support comes with a simple guarantee, my team and I will make it count as we come out again this year to give cancer an example of how hard we are going to FIGHT BACK!

Please use the link below to donate on-line.

I am going to enjoy my pink frosting challenge and can’t wait to share my creation with you all here and in person with a group of cancer survivors, the honored guests at the Relay For Life. Be sure and come back on or after June 5th to see more of the story.

Thank You


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Karen said...

This is such an important cause! Good luck this year, and thank you for doing this year after year.