Thursday, May 12, 2011

On Owning It

I'll take a quick break from the wine and food to offer the following in consideration of wanting to own your life. I hope even one ounce of support is taken from it so that someone can take another step to being the person they want to be and own it the whole way.

{originaly posted to FaceBook friends}
"This isn't a song, it's a riot!" - some of you might know that I listen to a good deal of urban influenced music , like Nu-Jazz and Downtempo. I tend the home bar to it on Friday nights, and plan my meals, vacations and beverage adventures to its memes. It gives me times to think, times to dream and times to kick back. Inevitably I run into many lyrical conventions that have powerful energy and profound meaning if you can put them in the right context. The imagery you can attach to the concept of flowing in the contemporary urban vocal artist context is 100% tied to the natural world. A flowing river with power, grace and surprises comes easily to mind. The lead off quote is from a song by the Ancient Astronauts. I have been listening to it now for a couple of weeks and that line keeps coming back. As I thought about what it meant, all sorts of scenarios where a protagonist rises and shows you what they are made of kept coming to mind. I see this lyric as a very strong example of the concept of "owning it" or for you Gary V. fans, "#crushit". I offer this as a way to visualize the future where you are your own story's protagonist, totally owning the moments you find yourself in.

With that I am off to move some 0's and 1's around at work.


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