Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Highlights from the Best of NH

For at least the two past years Margot and I have voted in the Best of NH competition. We get around enough in the southern part of the state to some favorites for food and drink that we gladly cast our vote for. Until this year we hadn’t yet been to the annual Best of NH Party that caps off each year though. We are always on the hunt for new eats so when I saw the tickets go on sale this year I snagged two and prepared for a whirlwind tour of what the voters thought was the best NH had to offer.

There was a lot and it the party was busy so there really wasn’t time for careful consideration of everything we tried. Here are some highlights to make you hungry!

Maple Bacon Cupcakes from White Mountain Cupcakery in North Conway – Not only were they good, but they are damn smart! Merging the flavors of maple syrup, a New Hampshire favorite, with bacon can’t be ignored. Once you try it the product then speaks for itself.

Sushi – This was next to the cupcakes and the opposition alone is worth a mention. The sushi and Maki rolls were excellent and netted Margot her first sushi experience. The winner was You You Asian Bistro of Nashua.

Singha Thai Beer – I’d never had it and it was quite tasty and refreshing. The Siam Orchid of Concord was pairing the beer with several appetizers. It was so loud I couldn’t clearly hear what the appetizers were, but they tasted great and did pair well with the beer.

Schnitzel & Giggles – I can’t remember what exactly they were serving but the name is awesome and the costumes made it a real hoot. German Fair Food. Located in East Andover.

J Drizzle Island Coconut Popcorn – tastes like Jamaica. It was very flavorful. These guys got first place for their booth and they definitely deserved it. I will be reviewing the product later in the summer.

Last but not least the hardest working man in the mead business, Michael Fairbrother and his fantastic meads from Moonlight Meadery! This guy is everywhere! He is also the smartest man in the mead business, if for no other reason than he is out there with his product and seeing the orders to make it worth it. It doesn’t matter what you try, they are all great and there is always something new. This is the hometown favorite for us, right down the street in Londonderry.

The music was excellent and as the crowd died down Margot and I were able to retrace our steps and make sure we didn’t miss anything interesting. We ate way too much and I felt a little off as I left. The things I do for my readers!



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