Wednesday, July 20, 2011

R.C. Ivison Fino Pale Dry Sherry

I’m nothing close to a sherry connoisseur and furthermore can count on less than one hand the number I had had before. I bought the selection I am reviewing here so that I would have a sherry that was worthy of both sipping and cooking, and I am not sure it measures up for both. If you know something about sherry and can educate me therein, it would be much appreciated.

It pours with a light golden color with no gas or sediment. The aromas of f dried fruits and nuts are quite pungent and remind me of aged port or passito style wines I have had before.

The body is light and from beginning to end it is dry, as I expected it to be. The flavor is of the paper like skin of a freshly cracked nut. The finish is moderate in length with some acid to clean up.

I picked this bottle up at the Boston Wine Exchange and I think it was $14.

I’m not sure what I should do with this wine beyond the occasionally cooking because it doesn’t really suit my palette. Any suggestions?



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Rich Reader said...

You should experiment blending this sherry into wine reduction sauces, perhaps with Marsala and Brandy.