Friday, July 22, 2011

#WBC11 White Wine Speed Tasting

Here are my notes on the white wine speed tasting round as I tasted and without any review. Love it or leave it!

Barren Ridge – Vidal Blanc 2010

Lime & other citrus in the nose. Nice tart sweet balance in the mouth. More citrus and some herbs come through in the mouth. Slight effervescence. There were 450 cases made of this wine.

Small vineyard, 6 acres total. Varieties planted are: Merlot, Petit Verdot, Chamborcin, Viognier, & Vidal Blanc. Pauline & Amandine, the winemakers were pouring.

Rappahannock Cellars – Viognier 2010

Flowers and oak in the nose. Wants to make me think it is sweet, but RS is 0. Baking spices & creamy, buttery texture comes through in the mouth. Clean finish.

Fermented 100% in oak, some new & new neutral. Alcohol at 14.5%. Jason & Alan were pouring and providing details.

Artesa – Carneros Chardonnay 2010

Oak & fruit in the nose. Citrus finish. Roundness in the center with toast and baking spices pushing the fruit out of the way.

Shindig Vidal Blanc/Riesling 2010

Peachy & citrusy. Tartness in the center. Acid on the way out. Flavors are very much intertwined.

Billed as a wine perfect for sushi. Intriguing pairing to try. The grapes come from Finger Lakes, NY. Andrew Stover is the Sommelier for Vin50.

Veritas Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2010

Melon & tropical aromas. Citrus, grass, herbs come in middle of the way through.

Neutral barrels are used for sur lie which the winemaker is especially excited about.

Not many VA wineries make SB due to humidity typical to many locales in the state. Vineyard is at 1300 feet with considerable airflow to keep the humidity at bay. Two clones, one from UC Davis and one from Bordeaux. This blend (of the two clones) was made because of an affinity for each other that had not yet been experienced.

Chateau Le Gay Dry Rose

Nose is affected by what was in my glass previously. Second pour. Strawberry flavors with hints of oak. Dry with hints of sweetness early on . Short, but clean finish.

Bordeaux blend rose. Not sure if I have specifically had this before.

Rodney Strong Reserve Chardonnay 2008

Mellow woody nose. Melon with spices in the mouth. A nuttiness comes through midway through and fall down the finish.

This is a very pleasant wine that is well balanced, but isn’t going to resonate with lots of folks because of the oak.

Decibel New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Some herbs and citrus in the nose. Slightly tropical with citrus in the mouth. Very smooth and clean finish.

Not what I am used. Daniel went to NZ to make wine because he could go there and do something new without lots of restrictions. Grown and made in Hawkes Bay, NZ.

Afton  Mountain Tete du Cuvee 2008

Spicy nose. Green apple, unripe peach in the mouth. Medium finish with hit of tartness before it heads out.

50/50 Pinot & Chard. 100% Estate grown fruit. Traditional method sparkling wine production.


Viviana Superiore Cuvee 2009

Love that nose! Flowers, concentrated citrus. Hotness comes through. Medium-dry. Something chemical that comes in hard.

Texas made. A blend of Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Viognier & Muscat Cannelli.

Chateau Morrissette Dry Rose

Beautiful pink color. Strawberry aromas and flavors. A bit of spice and structure in the mouth. Made from 100% Chambourcin.

Boxwood Rose 2010

Funky nose. Rich, full bodied red grape flavors. Unusual richness.

Cab /Merlot blend from an all red grape vineyard & winery.



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