Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Donna’s Reasons to Relay

( Our first Relay in 2004. )

We are in the final days before the 2012 Relay For Life of Greater Derry and Londonderry. All Spring I have been using my blog to share information about the fight against cancer, the team of advocates I helped form and our efforts to raise funds and awareness in the fight against cancer. This week and last I have been sharing stories of team members and why they Relay. Today my mother shares her Reasons to Relay:

I started to Relay the year after my son Jason was diagnosed with cancer. I felt helpless and needed to do something to try to make sense of the fact that my child (my baby!) had been treated for cancer. Jason reminded me recently, that fund raising for cancer research was my idea.

When Jason was first diagnosed, I remember thinking that nothing good could come out of this. This is one time that I am glad I was wrong. There have been so many blessings. I would never have thought we could raise so much money (almost $100,000) and have so many supporters. Relay isn't just about the people on our team but about all the people that have so generously donated to Relay, opened their homes to our fund raisers and businesses that have chosen to be our corporate sponsors.

( The team after the finish of our 2010 Relay. We've accomplished so much... )

We all have stories of the friends and family that have had cancer. Some have lost their battle (we miss you Gerry), some are in remission and some battle cancer every day. My prayer is that someday, no one will hear the doctor say you have cancer. And someday, no mother will hear that her child has cancer.

Lace up your shoes and support Relay for Life!       

Thanks Mom! It was your idea and that just proves that kids do sometimes listen to their parents!

If you would like to support Donna in the fight against cancer please click this link to visit her Relay page where you can make a donation. 



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