Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Missi's Reasons to Relay

( She's a goofball, but she's our little goofball!!! )

Cancer has given me a lot of things in the bonus round as I like to call it. Today I'm sharing the story of the sister (sister and brother-in-arms if you will) cancer gave me. Missi has been with us as a team from very early on and she brought her own reasons and stories with her. We've shared good times and bad times, and have been there for each other no matter what. Whether it is raising money, helping set up, walking in the crap weather, celebrating, remembering, cheering other Relayers on or FIGHTING BACK, Missi does it all without so much as a word. 

Take it away Missi!

My personal relay story began just over eight years ago. My best friend Dawn lost her two-year battle with ovarian cancer at the age of 25.  I watched her fight and struggle to conquer the beast – but in the end cancer won.  The day of her funeral I received a call that my amazing Aunt Mary had breast cancer and it had already spread to her bones.  I knew that cancer was now taunting me and I would not stand idly by and watch it destroy those I love around me – it was time to kick its ass!

That year I joined Survivors Rule at Relay for Life.  It was an amazing emotional roller-coaster of a night. Rain, thunder, and tears could not stop us.  Since then I have walked every year (mostly in the rain) – raising money for the American Cancer Society; hoping that every dollar raised is one dollar closer to the cure.

( Soldiers. Look, we even have matching uniforms! )

Sadly my reasons to Relay just continue to increase every year.  In 2008 we lost the most amazing and loving woman, my mother-in-law Kathy.  Lung cancer stole her from her children and grandchildren far too early.  After an incredible, unselfish and heroic fight, we lost my Aunt Mary in 2010, and also my incredibly dear Grandfather.   

But not every battle is lost – there are success stories to be told too. Friends have celebrated many more birthdays because they fought against this demon and won! 

Relay for Life brings people together – people with a common mission in mind: Wiping out cancer for good – Finding the CURE. 

Cancer Sucks – We Must Fight Back!!

Thank you so much Missi for all you have done and continue to do. Crossing paths with you and your family has been a gift from my cancer experience and you know damn well that I'm not giving this up for anything!

If you would like to support Melissa in the fight against cancer please click this link to visit her Relay page where you can make a donation. 



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