Thursday, June 14, 2012

Margot’s Reasons to Relay

( Relay For Life 2008. )

Margot and I have been on the cancer journey together since 2003. This can be a difficult journey and having heard stories of people having to walk it alone I am thankful that Margot was there then and has stuck with me through it all.

Margot hates cancer as much as I do, and sadly has plenty of reasons why. Being threatened with the loss of loved ones is particularly motivating for some people, and Margot has clearly answered that call. Here are Margot’s reasons to Relay.

When thinking about why I Relay so many stories came to mind. Unfortunately each year there seems to be a different reason behind walking that track. At first it was because cancer came after my husband and that made me very, very angry. I wanted to do something to show cancer that it was messing with the wrong person, and furthermore it was messing with someone that I loved. That person was the one I had chosen to spend my life with, and that life was just starting!

A few years later I was Relaying for my friends Missi and Steve. They had just lost Steve's mother the month before Relay and it was devastating. The disease for Steve’s mother came quickly and worked ruthlessly as it often does. So that year I walked for her, and for the huge loss that my friends had suffered at the hands of this disease.

When my beloved Uncle Gerry was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer that became another reason to Relay. Cancer had come back again to touch someone that I loved. As I watched him fight his brave battle for 5 years I walked each year hoping that he would be there with me for a few more laps. Sadly we walked our last laps together last year as my sweet Uncle Gerry is no longer here.

( We'll miss you Gerry! )

Looking at all these stories it would appear that I have many reason to Relay, but I realized I only really have one: my reason for Relaying is so that there will be no more reasons to Relay. We must have hope that there will one day be cure. Until then, the walking continues...

Thanks Margot. I know people look up to you for the choices you’ve made in giving your time and resources to the fight against cancer. Having strong friends during hard times is essential to getting through this life and I know I and others have benefited greatly from your friendship on dark days.

If you would like to support Margot in the fight against cancer please click this link to visit her Relay page where you can make a donation. 



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