Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Boston Wine Expo 2013 - Win a Free Pass

*** Contest winners have been announced

Yes you read that correctly, 2013. I am already looking into the new year and thinking about what adventures I might be able to send you on with a free pass to the Boston Wine Expo being held February 16th & 17th, 2013.

In October I wrote about the plans for the new and improved Boston Wine Expo including the big commitment to social technologies and social outreach.  Forging a closer relationship with area bloggers was part of those plans with one of the perks being that as a Blogger Ambassador I was going to be able to give away free passes.

Have you been to the Boston Wine Expo before? If not, here is your chance! With thousands of wines from more than 15 countries there is so much to take in at the Boston Wine Expo. What will you explore?

The free passes will be drawn randomly from comments left on this post. And not with any ordinary comment either. In your comment I would like you to describe in a couple of sentences how you would "attack" the Boston Wine Expo if you were to win a free pass. With so much to explore decisions have to be made. Is there a must-visit region or producer for you? Is there a new vintage of an old favorite you are hoping to try? Comments must be posted before the end of the day on December 10th. Your e-mail address must be included in the comment and you have to be able to attend the event as the free passes have no redeemable value and cannot be exchanged for cash. I will draw and announce two winners (one pass each) in one week on December 11th.

The Boston Wine Expo does really want to be your friend and so do I. Leave your comment to win a free pass to the Boston Wine Expo. Good luck!




Elizabeth Smith said...

I would attack the Boston Expo with my business cards and my Level 2 WSET award in hand! Effective December 14, I am without employment and looking for a wine and travel employment adventure. I am fluent in French and Spanish, so I would probably visit importers, distributors, and/or producers who represent wineries in France, Spain, or South America. My e-mail address is travelingwinechick@gmail.com and I am ready to go!

Ashley said...

I would attack the Wine Expo by visiting the least popular stands first. Last year I sampled some amazing South African and Argentinian wines because there were no crowds at the tables. These are probably wines I wouldn't have tried but it was nice to be a bit adventurous.

Then of course, I'd hit up the more popular Bordeaux and tempranillo tables because those tend to be favorites.

I'd also make sure to drink lots of water - got to stay hydrated!



Unknown said...

I would attack the Wine Expo with my mouth open! :)


Cora said...

I've never been and it's my birthday month :D hint hint--->i should win

Cora said...

forgot my contact info lol..

Pamela said...

I would attack this year's wine expo by following along the Boston Wine Expo Facebook page and choosing a handful of must try new wineries. Also, I would add in a seminar so I can take a break from the busy scene in the main room. A seminar will give me a chance to explore in depth, try some more wines and compare notes with the other attendees.