Friday, May 7, 2010

What to Drink with Steak au Poivre

I grabbed a recipe from the Foodbuzz Flavor of the Month section where they are featuring steak in May. This month's flavor is being sponsored by Beringer Wines as they announce their Great Steak Challenge. I have entered recipe contests in the past but I am going to pass on this one in favor of some other ideas we are brewing up. If you are interested in this contest check it out at

The Joseph Erdos from the Gastronomer's Guide blog posted a recipe in 2009 for Steak au Poivre with Shallot Pan Sauce. Check it out at

I am going to recomend the Thomas Hyland Shiraz from Penfolds. My friend Wayne brought this to dinner a couple of years ago and although I had fouled up my own steak recipe the wine was fantastic and gave us something else to talk about. It even paired well with the insane chocolate cake Wayne is famous for. The wine is a deep red color with full aromas of dark berries and spice. The flavors were again the dark berries, pepper, spice and even some mocha that was best expressed with the cake. The finish was nice and smooth and the bottle was empty way too soon. I think the peppered steak and the zip from the shallots in the sauce of the featured recipe will go quite well with this wine. In my area I believe this wine can be found for around $15.



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Sandy said...

Jason, thanks for posting the link to the recipe. It sounds delicious and syrah sounds like the perfect wine for it, especially an Australian Shiraz.