Friday, June 18, 2010

Clover Food Lab & the Dewey Square Truck

I just started using Twitter this week and serendipity struck. I read about the Clover Food Lab trucks in the Improper Bostonian and the article indicated they use Twitter to get daily updates out about when they are open (at both Kendall Sq/MIT and Dewey Sq) and any new menu options. How cool!

Check them out at The food truck concept is not new, but one with local, fresh cut ingredients and that is plugged in the way they are certainly takes it to a whole new level.

So I set up to follow them (@cloverdwy or @cloverfoodtruck for Kendall) and then paid a visit yesterday. I work adjacent to Dewey Sq which is also great on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the count of the farmers market. More on that next week. I had a breakfast sandwich and drip on demand coffee at 10 AM, and both were excellent. The coffee was bold and strong and only needed a little cream and sugar to be nice and mellow to drink. The sandwich contained a soft-boiled egg, tomato, cheddar cheese and was wrapped in a whole wheat flatbread. Little salt, little pepper and it was gone. Everything tasted fresh and clean, with no grease. And it only cost $5. That just makes sense when you are going to buy some breakfast, which I don’t often do.

At lunch time I went back for the rosemary french fries. They just sounded cool enough to try as soon as possible. Thin cut potatoes fried in oil until golden brown. I saw rosemary get thrown into the fry basket and them was dumped in with the fries when they were seasoned. You could smell the rosemary just standing in front of the truck. The fries were perfectly cooked, lightly seasoned (which was nice) and full of potato and rosemary flavor. I also got a hibiscus drink which was very floral and lightly sweet. It needed a little more sugar for me, but that says nothing about the work they are doing and how wonderful it is.

Go visit, eat and return. Their website suggests there is more coming and I welcome it.

My morning Tweet from them was "Good Morning Boston, Breakfast is ready and today we made Blueberry muffins". I'm not in the city today so no muffin for me.




Sandy said...

Yum, I can smell the rosemary fries all the way in Minneapolis! We have a local food truck too and I visit them often. The Chef Shack (@chefshack1)is always at the Mill city Farmers market serving two of their specialties: beef tongue tacos and indian spiced mini donuts. Both are outstanding!

Retro Chic Cooking said...

Hearing some of places in Boston makes me homesick! I used to live there are miss it so much.

Magic of Spice said...

Rosemary french fries...I must have these! Nice post:)

Boston Food Diary said...

SO glad that you enjoyed Clover! It is DELICIOUS and really fills a void for lunch in Boston!