Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grilled Pizza Recipe Challenge

Jay and I are so excited to have been selected by for their "Boboli Beat BBQ Boredom Grilled Pizza Party" group party. We are always looking for new ways to celebrate the summer season other than the usual burgers and dogs. Since we know that our wonderful followers appreciate a good challenge we are sharing this with all of you!

We need to come up with a variety of grilled pizzas and snacks to serve at our party. The guidelines are: the recipe must use Boboli pizza crust and be prepared using the grill. Consider savory, think sweet and ponder over appetizers. Other than that let your creativity take over and go crazy!

Please post your recipe and preparation instructions as a comment on this post and Jay and I will review the entries to pick a winner that will be featured at our party on August 14th. The recipe, credit to the author and pictures will show up the blog showcasing the party. The winning recipe will be prepared by and for our guests and be published alongside our own recipes made that day. Boboli and will be promoting the parties meaning the winning entry will get some additional eyeballs beyond our own site.

Check out our party at

So, get crackin’ on those grilled pizza recipes and let us know what you would make if you were in our backyard on August 14th! The deadline for submission is August 7th allowing time for clarifications and planning.




Pam @ Sticks Forks Fingers said...

Brie and Fig Appetizer Pizza
One Boboli crust
4 oz. wedge Brie
6 fresh figs, sliced
1/4 c. walnuts, toasted and chopped
3-4 Tablespoons honey
Fresh black pepper
Thinly slice brie, and arrange atop the Boboli crust. Scatter fresh figs and walnuts over the cheese. Grill over medium coals until the cheese is soft and melty. Drizzle with honey and give it a good sprinkling of cracked black pepper before cutting into thin wedges.

May we enter more than once?

Pam @ Sticks Forks Fingers said...
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Kate said... Mine's a bit long to post as a comment so I'm posting the url. I reheated the leftovers for lunch today and had some volunteers around the office offering to help finish them up :-)

Jason Phelps said...

Our friend Jen sent us this note on our Grilled Pizza Recipe Challenge. They may be coming to the party which means JEn, Joel and family might get enjoy the Fennel, Fontina, and Onion pizza.


I know your BBQ house party thing is coming up and although you already have receipes galore I'm sure I thought you might like to check out the July/August issue of Everday Food magazine (if you haven't already). I got a subscription as a gift 2 years ago, normally don't find anything great in there but the grilled pizza receipes in this edition were really awesome...Joel espeically like the Fennel, Fontina, and Onion. I did a a scampi shrimp pizza which was really tasty too for those who like seafood. The dough receipe was delicious and super easy (if you decide to grill one night at home without the Boboli). Also some good grilled desserts like grilled Smores (kind of fun if you haven't done it before) and grilled fruit ideas. Anyway just wanted to mention the receipe ideas.

Love the Ancient Fire Blog by the way! Why don't you guys try out for the next Food Network Star?


Jason Phelps said...

This came from my friend Jeanne Reardon in Raymond, NH via Facebook.

"Let's see: can you make Frankie's from Enfield here in NH? I'd be the happiest girl in the world!"

Frankies is a pizza joint from our hometown. We all ate too much of it!

I responded with:

Jeanne, Frankies pizza is a classic. The sweet crust and the mess of stuff in the middle of the large sized ones!!! Something with sausage, sauce and cheese might be a worthy recreation.


Jason Phelps said...

This came from our friend Melissa Kline from Hudson, NH via Facebook.

roasted chicken, pesto and ricotta!! best pizza ever!!!