Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Vacation Meetup Request & Offer

If any foodies are going to be visiting New Hampshire (or southern New England) for vacation this summer and would like to hook up for a meal please let me know. We can cook in, eat out, drink some homemade wine, visit the local farm stands, you name it!

The only week I am away is the last week in August, otherwise we are around and might even have a BBQ or two that you could come along with us to. We also have some room for folks to stay if you would take a stranger up on that.

I can also offer tips for places to go, but meeitng up would be even more fun.

Drop me a line at if you are interested.




Magic of Spice said...

Sounds like a fun time...I am way out in CA though:(

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to see New England, especially in the fall. Sadly, I'm way out on the west coast as well, in Arizona.

The Manly Housewife said...

Man if i was going to be in the area...

Sandy said...

What a great offer! I'd take you up on it, but I don't think I'll be leaving the Twin Cities. However, if you are in the Twin Cities, I offer up the same to you!