Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cellar Update - July 14, 2010

Last night I realized I hadn't done a cellar update in a while, and with all the activity there is plenty to report.

The Chilean reds are coming along nicely, the malo-lactic fermentation is nearing completion for most. The stabilization and oak aging is the next step. We have a Cab, Syrah, Cab/Syrah blend and Malbec going for a total of 32 gallons.

The newest whites are all in the stabilization and clearing phase. We blended the Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Vigonier into our 2010 White Blend on the weekend. It tasted pretty good and with some time to integrate I expect it will be quite nice. The leftovers of each will be bottled once clear. The oaked and MLF'd Chardonnay is also clearing and tastes fantastic.

Margot has a batch of Blackberry Cabernet made from the berries from the VT house and 3 gallons of Cabernet juice going which we plan to bottle on the weekend. We also have to bottle the Petit Verdot which has been aging since earlier in the year.

Our fruit wine efforts are in full swing this year with 12 gallons of Strawberry nearing the completion of fermentation. We also have a full batch of Dandelion wine going, both of which should be ready for late summer / early fall drinking.

We only have a few additional batches planned for the rest of the year including peach, two kits (Spanish Rioja & South African Chenin Blanc) received from wins in recent competitions and the hotly sought after Raspberry Chocolate Port from WinExpert!



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