Monday, August 23, 2010

Rib Dinner & Introducing Lenny da Lobstah

Last night was Cliff and Cindy’s first vacation dinner night. After getting into quite a bit of detail about the importance of rubbing the meat, Cliff entertained us with his slow smoking adventures. Needless to say the laughs did not at all diminish the ensuing plate of food. The ribs were meaty, juicy and had so much flavor. The wood smoke was prevalent but not overpowering. Served alongside some fresh green beans and corn on the cob this dinner put us all in the zone.

I’d like to welcome Lenny da Lobstah to our blog for the first time. The Lenny da Lobstah bobble-head is our vacation mascot and the alter ago of the lot of us while we are here. Fitting.

As you can see from the pictures Lenny also enjoyed the ribs paired with some homemade wine. Later, more wine having been consumed, Lenny was grooving to the music and enjoying some good laughs around the fire. He refused to have pictures taken of his shenanigans. We protested, but ultimately gave in.

The wine pairing with the ribs was a 2009 Ancient Fire Syrah/Mourvedre that was an incredible complement of juicy red fruit and tobacco for the ribs. For not having been planned in advance I am genuinely happy to have been able experience this match.




Kate said...

The ribs look AHMAAAZING! Hope you're having a fun vacation!! kate

Unknown said...

Those ribs look ridiculously good.I wish I was like Lenny, right next to them!

Evan @swEEts said...

I've been telling my boyfriend that we need to get ribs soon and these just pushed me over the edge.. goodness they look good!

Anonymous said...

The ribs look absolutely divine! Lucky Lenny!