Monday, August 30, 2010

Lobster & Steamer Night in York

You have to love friends who have a food ritual when they vacation. Our last night at the beach is lobster and steamer night. No frills, and none needed! Lobsters, steamers, corn, lots of butter and stacks of napkins!

We tortured Lenny by steaming his family members. We tried to distract him, but to no avail. He was sad, but likes hanging out with us so he went along. Merv invited her parents over to join us for dinner, resulting in lots of good conversation amongst family and friends.

I purposely saved several dry white wines from my vacation supply to pair with our seafood dinner. In particular I held back the 2008 Viognier and the 2009 Pinot Grigio. I also brought along the newly bottled 2010 Viognier to try side by side with its sibling from two years ago. It turns out we bottled it early and it is a bit hazy. The haze definitely has a taste component associated with it, and as such I capped the bottle and brought it home. Both the wines went very nicely with dinner, although I preferred the Viognier.

I also cracked a couple of sweeter wines for idle drinking, and was greatly rewarded with the feedback. The 2009 Plum/Riesling and the 2010 Blackberry Cabernet were greatly enjoyed. I never got any of the Blackberry Cabernet which tells you much everyone enjoyed it.

We closed out the night around the campfire, lamenting the early morning of cleaning and packing up the next day. Vacation can’t last forever, but when you are really enjoying it the prospect of the end really sucks!




Belinda @zomppa said...

Poor Lenny, but what a great simple wonderful meal!

Kath said...

Looks like great fun! What a fun tradition!

steve said...

You certainly can't go wrong with succulent fresh lobster! No doctoring required

Magic of Spice said...

Great meal and great friends, plus a vacation! Sounds good to me :)