Monday, August 2, 2010

Your Best Healthy and Fresh Backyard Barbecue Side Dish


Ancient Fire and The Manly Housewife and are teaming up again, and this time we are looking for healthy and fresh side dishes for our backyard barbecues.

For the next two weeks, we are asking for visitors to submit comments to this post with a healthy and fresh recipe that they would bring to a backyard BBQ. Defining healthy could be a challenge, so we are going to keep it simple. Recipes should be low in bad fats and salt, with a reasonable calorie count and as many vitamins, minerals, and other good stuff as possible. Maximize the flavors and enjoyment while minimizing the negative impacts. You’re going to be eating burgers and dogs with it after all!

Recipes must include all ingredients with exact measurements, detailed preparation steps, expected servings, and any recommended service steps. Make sure you also tell us why you love a certain ingredient or what your goals were for combining the flavors, and of course anything else that excites you about healthy and fresh food.

The prize for the lucky winners will be a feature in each of the hosts’ blog one day the following week. The hosts will pick multiple winners randomly from all the entries we accept (see the rules above) and will contact winners for more information. Take pictures of anything applicable. If you win and you can get us photos, we’ll post them. Also include the address to contact you at for follow-ups.

--Margot & Jason


F said...

Where exactly do you want these submitted? In the comments?

F said...

You can't go wrong with simple bruschetta. Since your already getting bread with the burger and hotdog buns, perhaps just the tomato basil eaten as a salad.

Tastemonials said...

My go-to side dish for any barbecue is the melon salad in this post. It's quick, easy and a refreshing contrast to grilled meat.

judy said...

Here is a new favorite side dish adapted from Bon Apetit magazine reduced from serving 12 so it worked better for just the two of us (with leftovers) and based on what I had on hand.