Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long Sands Cocktail

York Beach has two separate sections, Short Sands and Long Sands. We vacationed on Long Sands last summer, fell in love with it and came back this year. To commemorate I created a new cocktail and named it the Long Sands.

When I was dreaming the drink up the word “long” in the name kept making me think of a Long Island Iced Tea, which I don’t actually drink. Tea sounded fun to work with and we brought some I could use, so I went with it.

We didn’t actually get this right the first time and sat around later talking about what we would have changed. The recipe that follows is what we all agreed on and will be looking forwarding to recreating in the future.

Long Sands Cocktail

3 oz Ancient Fire Peach/Moscato wine
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz citrus infused vodka
½ oz fresh lime juice
½ oz strong black tea (cooled)
2 canned peach slices
2 mint leaves
Club soda

Muddle the mint and peaches in the bottom of a shaker. Pour everything but the soda into the shaker, and shake with ice. Pour into two highball glasses and top off with the club soda.

This drink was inspired by a day of sitting on the beach with friends. We all hope you try it and enjoy it as we did.




Magic of Spice said...

This sounds wonderful :) Perfect summer lounging drink...

Cindy Hastings said...

Having tried the original, can't wait to try the new and improved addition! Thanks for all the awesome food, wine and discussions!