Saturday, August 28, 2010

York Beach Maine - Trip Update

As you may have gathered from Wednesday’s post, we didn’t quite have the best weather to start our beach week. It finally changed and with only two days to salvage vacation we have been off having fun. Not before we saw this though,

These two photos were taken at Soher park and the Nubble Lighthouse from inside the car with a Blackberry phone. Anyone who knows this area knows what it looks like when the sun it out. The rain and wind was so heavy our whipped cream topping from our Brown’s ice cream sundaes was blowing away! If you haven’t been to York or Brown’s in the summer, put it on your list.

Thursday the sun came back and we packed up to hit the beach. For breakfast we cooked up some sausage from our 2009 pig and paired it with fruit, cheddar cheese and toast. It was a nice bump for a day on the beach.

Margot and I went up early before breakfast to find a good spot. It was cool and breezy and
everyone seemed to be taking their time getting to the beach. Not us!

Here we all are getting some beach time!

I was digging the shade and cool ocean breeze.




Janis said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time despite the weather. Your picture looks EXACTLY like the one *I* took when we were at that lighthouse :--)

Torviewtoronto said...

looks like a lot of fun reminded me of our vacation to prince edward island beaches early this summer

Magic of Spice said...

Again, looks like a great time...The beach looks so relaxing and just gorgeous :)

JodieMo said...

Currently, I am green with envy. Enjoy your beach vacation!


I'm glad you ended up with some sun!