Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Mid-Summer Night’s Cocktails

I’m going to be logging in for the Foodie Night In #fni tomorrow on the subject of cocktails. No reader of mine is surprised by this so let’s just get going.
The Spice Sherpa @spicesherpa tweeted about Ancient Fire at a #fni two weeks back. The comments were a great honor and the people seem like a lot of fun.

I looked into the guests and sponsors for August 9th and came across Crispin Ciders located in Minneapolis, MN, makers of super-premium hard ciders. Bingo! I know this corner of the fermented beverage world both as a drinker and a maker. I checked their web site and found a richly supplied section on mixology using their products. This is not something I have done much with my homemade, and for no specific reason at all. We have made punch from it and the flavored version are more like cocktails than the plain varieties.

Tonight I decided I would make some apple and hard cider inspired drinks using my own cider from 2009 and other items in my bar. The new addition to the bar was a bottle of Lairds Applejack. I don’t know how many times I have come across it in recipes and couldn’t imagine it. Having never had it the descriptions didn’t do it any benefits. Apple flavored bourbon is the best description, but I had to try it to believe it. I made two drinks using it and a medium-dry cider made in my hard cider and yeast selection project last year. All of my cider is still, meaning no bubbles making them shakable without explosions. Good for bartending.

Ancient Fire Grilled Apple

1 oz Laird’s Applejack
1 oz Jim Beam White Label Bourbon
2 oz Ancient Fire 2009 Hard Cider #3
¼ oz ginger syrup
1 orange wedge

Mix in a shaker and pour over orange wedge into a cold martini glass.

This drink means business. It is strong, full flavored, medium-sweet with plenty of apple. The citrus and ginger impart a zip that complements the hotness of the liquors in that “hot off the grill” sensation.

Ancient Fire Smashed Apple

I made a tequila-sage smash from Imbibe magazine last month. I twisted it up a bit here to create a drink you might easily experience a lights out from!!

4 oz Ancient Fire 2009 Hard Cider #3
1 oz Hornitas reposado tequila
½ oz Laird’s Applejack
½ oz honey syrup
1 large lemon wedge
4 sage leaves (from out back!!!)

Smash sage leaves in palms of hands. Muddle with lemon in the bottom of a cold shaker. Add ice and all remaining ingredients. Shake well and pour into a tall glass.

This drink was my favorite of the two, basically an apple –sage lemonade with some tequila and whiskey in it. Summer, anyone?

Weekend Bonus!!!!

I made a white sangria yesterday using a recipe I first crafted last month. It came out excellent again so that means it is finally worth sharing. I’ll tell you that you shouldn’t doubt the power of this stuff.

Ancient Fire Tropical White Sangria

2 canisters frozen Welch’s Passion Fruit juice mix
3 bottles of medium-dry white wine (I used Pear (2), Peach, G/R blend)
6 oz ginger infused simple syrup
4 oz VS brandy
1 empty canister (above) water
1 orange
1 lemon

Mix well, add sliced fruit. Allow to chill and mix in fridge. Makes 1 gallon

I can’t wait to swap notes on cocktails, entertaining, snack foods and fun parties with the crew online for the Foodie Night In tomorrow night. Check our Twitter feed for some updates and comments.




Lisa | Authentic Suburban Gourmet said...

Sounds like a good night of GREAT cocktails!! These are on my "must make" list!


They all sounds great, but I especially like the sangria!

Unknown said...

Excellent cocktail creations! I really like the idea of incorporating passion fruit in the white sangria.

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely picture

Andra@FrenchPressMemos said...

White sangria is such an amazing summer creation. I always have berries in mine but peaches sound like a blast too!

Mangia Margot said...

The white sangria was a huge hit at a family BBQ this weekend. Both wine lovers and non-lovers alike really enjoyed it.