Friday, March 18, 2011

#winechat is on!

Earlier in the week the topic for the montly Twitter #foodchat was wine. We used the #winechat hashtag in addition to #foodchat and I noticed a lot of cross topic posters join in that didn't know it was happening beforehand. Wine is infectious!

The overall feedback to the topic being wine was compelling to me as a wine blogger. So I have volunteered to start a monthly #winechat and host the first one on March 29th at 8PM EST. Future #winechats will be held on the last Tuesday of each month.

The chats will run three hours in length (allowing for folks on different schedules to join) and run through a series of questions on the topic being featured each month. The first half hour will be a networking time to allow folks to wander in, greet each other and get connected. Then the host will fire off questions for participants to share info for.

The Q&A process is pretty simple. The host might tweet "Q1. Where did you discover the most interesting wine you have ever had?" Participants should respond with something like "A1. On a trip to Australia I found a Rose Shiraz that blew me away. @hosttwitterhandle." Pretty easy!

Hosts will capture notable tweets, links, etc and produce a wrap-up blog post within a week following the event. The wrap-up should be tweeted using the #winechat hashtag so anyone can check out the event.

The first topic will be "Wine Stories" where we will ask different questions to get folks to share stories about their experience with wine. See you on March 29th at 8PM EST. There is a story behind the bottle of wine in the picture above. But you are going to have to wait until March 29th to find out what it is.

Please tell your wine-interested friends and followers to join us on Twitter for #winechat. Drinking wine during the event isn't required, but sharing tasting notes on some great wines might just add some flavor!

There is an open call for future hosts. Please leave a comment if you are interested and a topic you think would make for a good #winechat. I will fill the schedule as we go and will host as needed.



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The Manly Housewife said...

Sounds like fun count me in. Its been awhile but I'm back...