Monday, March 28, 2011

The Ancient Fire Wines Facebook Fan Page

On Saturday and Sunday I tweeted and posted about the cheese straws that I had made again. Wouldn't you know it, @GraftonCheese saw the tweets and asked if they could post the picture and recipe to their Facebook page. Of course you can! I'd love for more people to see and use the recipe.

That got me thinking. I setup a fan page for Ancient Fire Wines on Facebook last year but hadn't used it much. I am betting I should. How do you use your own Facebook fan page for your food blog? Do you just post links to your blog entries or do you post exclusive content only on Facebook? How much fan interaction do you get? Is is better or different than on the blog site?

If you use Facebook for you social media networking come find us to see what is going on at Ancient Fire Wines.

 Go ahead and Like us on Facebook. You know you want to!



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