Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Talking Torrentes

I vaguely remember the first time I had Torrentes. I was at a small wine tasting put on by a local wine distributor and it was presented as something new they were carrying, but no information about it. I sipped it, didn’t think much about the wine and actually forget the name of the grape until the Second Glass Wine Riot in Boston last year.

At that event I came across the Yellow & Blue (Y+B) Torrentes 2009 and remembered what had been lost after my first experience. I actually went to find my wife and dragged her back to the table to try it. Huge aromas of flowers, peaches and melon get to you before you even get your nose all the way to the glass. It is light with lime that kicks in and stays with you through the finish. This is the signature of this style of wine.

We ran into the Y+B again this year at the Winter Wine Spectacular. I went to get a taste as soon as I saw it. I would call it my favorite of the ones I have had to date. It is also organic and comes in an eco-friendly container.

At that same event I also got to try the La Puerta Torrentes. Another hugely aromatic example of this type of wine. The La Puerta had a smooth finish and the citrus along for the ride.

My favorite Torrentes experience though was last Saturday. I picked up a bottle of the Alamos Torrentes 2009 to review and then share with some friends. I was pretty confident most of them would have never had it. As a wine educator these opportunities are a great way to connect people with new wines. Here’s what they said:

Cindy – “mmmmmm” and “crisp & refreshing.”

Chris – “Bright & lively. Would go great with shellfish or summer salad with ripe tomatoes.”

Wayne – “Lime sherbet. Crisp with a nice fruit quality.”

Missy – “Would be great with BBQ chicken!”

Everyone really enjoyed it and most people said they would look for it again. My job is done here.

I captured my review of the Alamos Torrentes in a short video embedded below.



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Meesh said...

great video review! I felt like I knew what the wine tasted like, and that is obviously very tough to do. bravo.