Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boutari 2008 Santorini White

I had Greek wine for the first time last fall at the Second Glass Wine Riot. At that event Margot and I sampled both reds made from Agiorghitiko and whites made from Assyrtiko, the predominant grapes of each style in Greece. We also tried the Santorini Vin Santo made from indigenous grapes and quite similar to the classic Italian dessert wine. That isn’t much, and from small samples we didn’t gather much of a feel for the wines or the place they are from.

This week I opened a bottle of the Boutari 2008 white from the Greek island of Santorini. This dry table wine is made from the Assyrtiko grape. I found the nose to be much more fragrant than I recalled from the prior tastings. I picked up aromas of grapefruit, other citrus and savory herbs. The flavors are predominantly citrus based with some salinity and a minerality that presented itself like dry sandy soil. With generous acidity the wine stays fresh. The finish is clean and doesn’t linger. Growing conditions on Santorini are harsh, with intense heat and little rainfall, so a wine with this level of freshness and vibrancy is clearly a labor of love.

I captured my tasting and review on video as part of my “Interview with a Wine Nerd” series.



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Kristen said...

fun! the color is similar to whites I remember drinking in Santorini! great vid