Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sterling Vineyards Vintner’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - #winechat

This month’s topic for #winechat is red wine. To get everyone’s thirst up I thought I would post a new review right before the event.

I picked the Sterling Vineyards Vintner’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. This is the value line from Sterling and is a collection of wines that are generally easy to find in our area. I have enjoyed it before, but never sat down to do a formal review.

Tasting Notes

Purplish red color with no obvious brown shift. Blackberry and wood notes come out in the nose. Greens and blackberry show up in the taste. I also picked up vanilla and a little bit of smoke. I found it to be dry with average tannins and smooth with a medium length finish.

Overall I wasn’t blown away, but there is nothing at all wrong with this wine. I saw a lot of reviews that noted dark chocolate powder and smoke meat flavors. I didn’t pick those out in my tastes. I also saw that many folks allowed the wine to breathe a bit and found it to improve. I look forward to the opportunity to try it again in an hour and see what happens.

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Amy said...

I agree with your tasting notes. It's not an outstanding wine, but it's okay for everyday drinking, and it does get tend to open up after 45 minutes or so.

Bren said...

I keep hearing about fried pickles but have never had any! I love the look of these. And, I'm looking for a good Mead wine. Any suggestions?

Jon Rogers said...

I recently reviewed the 2009 vintage of this wine and had a somewhat different tasting experience. Deep black cherry flavors and great long lasting aromas. I read a favorable review of the 2006. It sounds like the 2007 may have been an off year. Good to know... thanks for this review.

P.S. I tried fried pickles for the first time last week. I was in Bradenton, FL at a little dockside bar. Yummy!