Thursday, April 21, 2011

#malbecworldday extras

I revisited several of the Malbecs from Sunday last night. Here are my micro-reviews from that session.

Alamos Malbec 2009 for #WW #WineWednesday - Great utility with bold flavors, acidity and obvious tannins. Need age perhaps.

More Malbec for #WW #WineWednesday Gato Negro 2010. I can see what others were saying from Sunday. Pours light, acidic no fruit. #wine

Y+B 2008 Malbec TetraPak. Slight brown shift, not a good sign. Eco pack no good, or something ? Need to try a fresh one. @ybwines #wine #WW

That last Tweet got an early AM response from the company, and just the kind you like to see. I clearly want to enjoy a fresh pak of their wine to prove what I have already said about their wines, which is when I have had it, it was very good. I didn’t want to miss that just because of one bad one. I’d likely buy it like I have others, but in this case I will be getting a complimentary replacement for my bad pak. Par excellence!

I thoroughly enjoyed Malbec World Day. All of the wine lovers we hosted did as well and comments on the Meetup site went up within hours. Gotta love wine peeps!



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