Monday, April 25, 2011

Can We Really Love Red Wine Too Much? - #winechat

#winechat is on for this month again, and it's tomorrow night!

This month we are going to talk about red wine. We're really going to get in there with discussions about the flavors, aromas, body, oak, how you enjoy it, what you enjoy it with and why you can't live without it!

Here are some of the questions that will be asked to get conversation going:

What are your optimal attributes for a really great red wine?
What is the least "classy" food you enjoy red wine with?
What is your favorite style (not label) of red wine?
When you think of red wine, what non-food ideas come to mine?

Last month at our inaugural chat we had hundreds of tweets contributed by several dozen participants. We had great stories, lots of questions and information sharing, and many new tweeps connected.

If you love wine you need to check out #winechat! 8PM - 10PM EST the last Tuesday of every month. Use the hashtag #winechat to participate.



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Eileen said...

Thanks for the fun tonight with #winechat!