Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making Limoncello

( I took the picture at an angle because that is how things look if you drink too much of it! )

Limoncello was my first ever infusion. I only made it once back in 2009. In the two years since I have infused vodka with all sorts of things, made my own spin on Southern Comfort using the original recipe and inspired friends try it all themselves. It is fun, and if you haven’t tried it, you should.

Making Limoncello is really simple. The waiting in the hard part!

Ancient Fire Limoncello

16 lemons, carefully peeled to get mostly yellow skin and minimal white pith
2 – 1.75 liter containers of 100 proof vodka
1 gallon empty jug with a re-sealable top

Wash & peel the lemons. Put the peels in your empty container. Cover with the vodka. Shake every day for 2-3 weeks. The yellow color will develop within a few days and the depth of the flavor and aroma will continue to grow as you shake it.

After 2-3 weeks strain the vodka to remove the peels and any sediment. Sweeten the nearly finished Limoncello with simple syrup to taste. Just how much sweetness is really is a matter of taste. Because I have lots of empty wine bottles laying around, corks and a corker I fill bottles and seal them for safe storage. Because of the sugar in the drink you really don’t want to store your creation in a container that isn’t airtight. If you have to store it in one container, the refrigerator is a good bet to keep it from getting funky. I normally put a bottle in the freezer a few hours ahead of when I want to serve it, typically in the summer. It comes out super cold and makes for a great way to cap off a meal in the backyard.




Portland Charcuterie Project said...

Looks good.. I've been making limoncello for about 6 years and it's always a huge hit.

My fennelcello (ouzo) is also pretty popular, and a winemaker friend taught me to make nocino 2 years ago and that's doing great as well.

I might have to get a corker.. I boil old bottles and corks and jam them in.. or use the bottles with the reusable ceramic/plastic gaskets.

Love your blog.


Kate said...

Looks so yummy! I love lemoncello but have never thought to try to make it! You made it seem so easy with your post...maybe I will have to give it a try!

Tastemonials said...

I have a friend making limoncello from her tree this year. I'm hoping she'll share!

Scott Duncan said...

Totally cool!

Leanna @ Raptortoe.com said...

I've been meaning to try another infused liquor. and i DO love limoncello...

grandwine said...
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