Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photos from A Night of Learning and Eating In Rockport

Brian aptly captured the evening in words and pictures in his post A Night of Learning and Eating in Rockport. His kind words about my libations are a great honor. Knowing he enjoyed them by having been there is made better when you get share what other people bring! (in the street sense, “totally bringing it”)

Here are some food shots from the evening. I didn’t get everything and I hope nobody feels left out. We had fun!

( Peppe cutting his own handmade sausage! )

( I think this is the organ bits version. So good with some Italian red wine! )

( There's Brian's cheese. That's right, it's his I didn't have any. BS flag anyone? )

( Gotta have some good crusty bread! )

( I know we have bread, but this on top? Oh my! )

( We started with these, and the grenadine was truly optional. )

( Peppe made risotto look easy, as you would think he would! )

( Lindsay & Michael brough a calamri spring salad. Innovative! )

( Brian's beef cheek taco assembly line! )

( My beer soup sorbet being served by Heather. )

Much thanks to Heather for hosting. I suspect this group has some more events in store...




Anonymous said...

That was a great evening. And your photos! Wow. I had no idea you were taking such beautiful shots the whole time. Thanks for sharing!

Franklin from Dine Delish said...

Everything looks so amazing! I love the beef cheeks. So tender and flavorful.