Friday, November 18, 2011

Drinking Local – A Regional Selection from Hunt Country Vineyards

Not long after I came back from my first trip to the Finger Lakes I got to Tweeting away with Andy at Hunt Country Vineyards. I had not visited Hunt Country, we weren't acquainted yet, during that trip and with so many wineries to choose from I could only be so worried that I would miss someone. The bigger worry would be that I didn't get back there soon. Fear not, we return in February and June next year!

Andy sent me sample wines to try, thank you, which added more fodder to the fire that is the tastings and pairings I want to experiment with using my stash of Finger Lakes wines I picked up along my journey. 

I tasted the Huny Country 2009 Cabernet Franc for an installment of #winechat that featured that varietal, its history and tastings from different participants of different types from around the world. This week I opened and tasted the 2009 Valvin Muscat.

The nose on this wine is full of flower petals, fruit tree blossoms and young fruit. You have to like the perfumed nose of a Muscat to try enough to seek out renditions that really wow you. I like this type of aromatic profile which is why I like aromatic vinifera’s like Viognier and Gewurztraminer. That is also why I like Riesling, Traminette, Torrentes, La Crescent, all types of Muscat and the little known grape Symphony. The hallmark of a good version of any of those wines is a bountiful nose full floral and fruit notes.

The one thing I liked the most about this wine is the lusciousness on the palate. The touch of sweetness along with the viscosity of the wine creates a very nice body.

The finish is all lemons and with that body and sweetness it tastes like a lemon sour candy. Nicely played! I tweeted my thoughts on the wine and a response from Evan Dawson got the most descriptive wine review tweet award for the week. Evan tweeted:

“Like potpourri, that nose. Crazy floral, with lemon fruity pebbles. Unique - our guests love it.”

Those words sum up this wine much better than mine!

This is one of the most well put together Muscat’s I’ve had. Some of the versions I’ve tried in the past have missed on balance, whereas this wine is well balanced, from hotness, sharp mineral acidities, too much sugar or a nose that was completely disconnected from the body. Finicky grape, I guess.

The Hunt Country Vineyard 2009 Valvin Muscat finishes smooth with citrus, but not in the overt cleanup role drier white wines express lemon and citrus. The finish is long and the body sticks with you the whole way. Very reminiscent of a lemon infused and sweet herbal tea.

My pairing for the evening, which I have no pictures of, was curried chicken kebabs. The pairing was well conceived and the wine and chicken went together, but no sparks flew. They didn’t oppose each other in any obvious way so I wouldn’t dissuade people from trying something similar. Not much more to say. They wine was good enough on its own that it didn’t really matter becuase I was rushing through dinner to get back in the kitchen to tend to a couple batches of cider. The juice-maker has to eat too!



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